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Hydrant Meter Reading - Online Fillable

  1. Hanover County Department of Public Utilities
    P.O. Box 470
    7516 County Complex Road
    Hanover, VA 23069
    Phone: 804-365-6024
    Fax: 804-365-6245
  2. Reading Your Hydrant Meter
  3. Begin by opening the meter cover. A straight reading meter resembles the odometer in a vehicle. Hanover County reads hydrant meter usage per one thousand (1,000) gallons. The meter is read by reading the numbers from left to right. The first numbers on the right are stationary zero(s). These stationary zero(s) represent the ‘ones’ and ‘tens’ place. The movable dials on the left represent the ‘tens’, ‘one hundreds’, and ‘thousands’ of gallons, and so on.
  4. Please include all numbers on the meter dial from left to right.
  5. Hydrant Meter
  6. Please provide the Department of Public Utilities of Hanover County meter readings of the amount of water withdrawn from County approved fire hydrants by the 15th day of each odd numbered month, such reading to cover the period of usage since the last billing period or, if none, since the commencement of service. If the Applicant fails to provide such a reading, Applicant agrees further to pay for such water usage based on the Director's estimates of usage.
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