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Inclusion Profile

  1. Hanover County Parks & Recreation
  2. Inclusion Profile
  3. 1. Complete and submit this Inclusion Profile.

    2. Distribute Professional Sharing Information form to your child’s teacher.

    Form available at

    Ask teacher to return form to Parks and Recreation as soon as possible.

    3. Register and pay for the program. Registration scheduled to begin April 1 at

    4. Notifications of approval status for the help of a TR Aide will be sent as soon as possible. No notifications will be sent before mid-March.
  4. How often is your child in an integrated (general education) setting at school?
  5. How often does your child have the assistance of an aide or paraprofessional at school?
  6. The aide (or paraprofessional) that works with my child:
  7. What is your child's disability/presenting issue(s)? Please check all that apply.
  8. What is the overall degree of the primary disability?
  9. My child plays well with other children.
  10. My child communicates thoughts well.
  11. My child follows directions well.
  12. My child gets anxious in large groups.
  13. My child does well with loud noises.
  14. When upset my child manages anger well.
  15. My child respects others' boundaries.
  16. My child physically harms self.
  17. My child physically harms others.
  18. My child handles losing well.
  19. My child is independent in personal care.
  20. Has your child participated in Parks and Recreation programs or another integrated recreation program previously?
  21. During the session, field trip(s) will be planned. Does your child require a school bus that has a lift or other special arrangements for transportation?
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