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Residential Open Burning Permit

  1. Residential Open Burning Permit
    If you haven't already, make sure you review open burning permit regulations and guidelines prior to beginning your burn.

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    Permittee accepts this permit subject to the terms outlined herein: this permit will not relieve the permittee from complying with all other applicable legal requirements: the undersigned permittee acknowledges possible full liability for any unwanted consequences of fires that may be authorized by this permit. At a minimum, such liability could include the cost of response by the fire district; fire department; or fire company that may be required to bring a fire under control or to protect life and property. Such liability may exist whether or not the area covered by this permit or the area engulfed in an uncontrolled fire, lies in or out of such territory of the fire district, department, or company. Complete the application below, agree to the acknowledgement and affirmation by signing and then click the submit button at the bottom of this page. The person conducting the burn must be in possession of the permit during the burn. Electronic copies of burn permit are acceptable. This permit ONLY applies to Hanover County. Once we receive the submitted forms, our department will contact you to assess the burn area. If all requirements are met, a burn permit number will be assigned to you. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 804-365-4850, or email us at [email protected]. Do not leave your burn unattended or start burns that do not comply with our burn requirements. Unattended and non-compliant burns can be subject to a fine.
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    Please keep the confirmation email readily available (electronically or printed) on your burn date, you may be asked to present it.
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