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Building Permit Application

  1. Hanover County Building Inspector's Office

    P.O. Box 470 (mail)
    7516 County Complex Road (parcel)
    Hanover, VA 23069
    Phone: 804-365-6040

  2. Building Permit Application

    Two sets of plans must be included with permit

  3. Setbacks:

  4. Water or Well

  5. Septic or Sewer

  6. Description of Work:

  7. Basement

  8. 2nd Electrical Meter (Accessory Buildings)

  9. Mechanics Lien Agent:

  10. Issuance of a Building Permit shall not be held to permit or to be an approval of the violation of any provision of any county ordinances and codes or any state laws. I here by acknowledge that I have read this application and know the same to be true and agree to comply with all county ordinances and state laws regulating building construction and use.

    Notice: Applicants are notified that incomplete applications may cause delays. Please complete all information as requested.

  11. Contact Me Via

  12. When permit has been issued and is ready to be picked up

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