What’s going on in the old General District Court Building?

The old General District Court building has been renovated for county office space and renamed the Martha Ann Fields Building. The move-ins of various departments were completed this week.

On the ground floor as you walk in the front door are Parks & Recreation and Human Resources. The Assessor’s Office and General Services are located on the second floor. Additional staff from the Department of Public Works (including the traffic engineer, airport manager and chief of solid waste operations among others) and Building Inspection fields operations personnel are located on the ground floor.

All phone numbers and email addresses are unchanged.

The Martha Ann Fields Building is located in the courthouse government complex at 7515 Library Drive, to the immediate east of the Hanover Branch Library. It is beside the Chenault-Weems Building, which is the former Circuit Court Building renovated to become the home of financial departments two years ago.

The building was dedicated by the Board of Supervisors in October. Martha Ann Fields was an enslaved woman who escaped from the property with her children during the Civil War. A number of her descendants joined the Board of Supervisors and county staff in the observance.

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1. What’s going on in the old General District Court Building?
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