What’s the status of improvements to cell phone coverage in the area affected by the New Highland Baptist Church tower fire?

Many residents of adjacent neighborhoods have struggled through reduced cell phone coverage since the former tower on the property of New Highland Baptist Church was badly damaged by a fire several weeks ago. This tower was not owned or operated by the County. Verizon Wireless has filed an application for a Special Exception to place a temporary tower on the Church property.  The temporary tower is expected to be in place for one to two years, while the former bell tower structure is demolished and a new bell tower is constructed.

Per Verizon’s plan, this is one step in a multi-step process which began with the placement of a temporary communication tower vehicle.  Just this week, that vehicle was replaced with a COW (Cellular on Wheels).  The COW is expected to provide enhanced service from that which was provided by the truck tower.  The tower which is the subject of the Special Exception application will consist of a monopole structure.  It will be 110 feet in height, and will again further enhance telecommunication services to the area.  A public hearing on this Special Exception permit is scheduled to be held by the Board of Supervisors on August 26; public hearings begin at 7 p.m.

Hanover County and Verizon Wireless have worked very closely to ensure that all permits are submitted and processed as fast as possible.  The community’s patience is appreciated as Verizon works towards restoring service to the area. 

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