What are the plans for the Hanover County Airport and what impact will any changes have on residents?
The Hanover County Airport's Master Plan was approved by the Board of Supervisors and the Federal Aviation Administration in 2002. Improvements on the plan are scheduled to occur over a long period of time in phases and eventually include the construction of new airplane hangars, a new tie-down apron, parking, office space, a new terminal building and a parallel taxiway on the east side.

These improvements are designed to increase safety for flyers and area residents and support business investments over the longer term. None of the improvements will change the use of the airport or the type of aircraft to be served.

Hanover County’s Airport has been designated as a “reliever airport” for the Richmond International Airport for more than 20 years. By serving general aviation airplanes, reliever airports reduce congestion at airports which serve larger commercial aircraft, such as Richmond International Airport.

A rezoning request approved by the Board of Supervisors in August 2015 will also enable a security fence to be extended along part of the eastern perimeter of the Hanover County Airport. The fence will match the existing security fence.

No additional expansion plans are being studied that are not already listed and approved in the 2002 Airport Master Plan.

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