What is zoning?

Zoning regulates the use of property. All property in the county is located within one of several zoning districts, which govern how property may be used. Zoning districts are generally classified for residential, business, or industrial use. The county’s mapping system can be used as a guide to determine the zoning classification of an individual property.

Parcel Search and Mapping Application

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1. What is zoning?
2. How do I determine the zoning I need?
3. Can I subdivide my property?
4. Can I divide part of my property for a family member?
5. Can I make my property larger or smaller?
6. Do I need a building permit?
7. Can I have a business in my home?
8. Can I add an in-law suite or family apartment to my property?
9. Can I keep animals on my property?
10. What types of vehicles can I store on my property?