What’s the new building visible from Sliding Hill Road at the Hanover Airport?

Luck Companies has opened a new airplane hangar at the Hanover County Airport. The milestone is the culmination of a four-year partnership between Luck Companies and Hanover County to build a permanent location for Luck Companies’ Aviation Department, which is responsible for transporting Luck Companies’ associates across the company’s expanding footprint throughout the Southeast. Luck Companies is the parent company of the nation’s largest family owned and operated producer of high-quality crushed stone, sand and gravel.

Luck Companies began its search for a new airplane hangar in 2016 when they embarked upon a company expansion. After operating for nearly 30 years out of Coffman Field at the company’s Rockville Plant, they acquired a new aircraft to better serve business operations and began leasing hangar space at Hanover County Airport in 2017. The convenient location, accommodating nature of the team and their plans for expansion revealed the benefits of a more long-term partnership.  

“Luck Companies is the ideal anchor tenant for the expansion of Hanover County Airport, a nearly 100-year-old company with deep roots in central Virginia and a big vision for the future,” said Mike Flagg, Director of the Hanover County Department of Public Works. “We’re happy to have them here, and proud to have their first-class facility set the standard as we start construction on the new terminal this fall.”

The next major improvement at the Hanover County Airport will be the construction of a new terminal building on the east side of the Airport, near the Luck Companies hangar. The Virginia Department of Aviation recently announced it would provide nearly $2 million in funding for the construction of a new terminal building.  Construction on this building could begin later this month.

The Hanover County Municipal Airport is a General Aviation Reliever airport owned and operated by Hanover County Virginia since 1969. The airport serves recreational and business aviation traffic and accommodates small single engine planes up to mid-size corporate jets. Currently, 106 aircraft are based at the Hanover Airport. The Virginia Department of Aviation estimates that the Hanover airport has a positive economic impact of over $29 million annually to Hanover County. The master plan for the airport was approved by the Board of Supervisors and the Federal Aviation Administration in 2002. 

All improvements identified in the master plan are designed to increase safety for flyers and area residents and support long-term business investments for economic benefit of citizens. No changes in the use of the airport or the type of aircraft served are planned.

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