What Can I NOT burn?

You cannot burn the following:

Construction waste: The term “construction waste” means solid waste which is produced or generated during construction of structures.  Construction waste consists of lumber, wire, sheetrock, bricks, shingles, glass, pipes, concrete and metal and plastics if the metal or plastics are a part of the materials of construction or empty containers for such materials.  Paints, coatings, solvents, asbestos, any liquid, compressed gases or semi-liquids and garbage are not construction wastes and the disposal of such materials must be in accordance with the regulations of the state waste management board. 

Garbage: Solid waste from the domestic and commercial preparation, cooking and disposing of food and from the handling, storage and sale of produce.  The term “garbage” also includes rotting animal and vegetable matter.  

Hazardous waste: The term “hazardous waste” means refuse or combination of refuse which, because of its quantity, concentration or physical, chemical or infectious characteristics may:

Cause or significantly contribute to an increase in mortality or an increase in serious irreversible or incapacitating illness; or

Pose a substantial present or potential hazard to human health or the environment when improperly treated, stored, transported, disposed or otherwise managed.

Household refuse: The term “household refuse” means waste material and trash normally accumulated by a household in the course of ordinary day to day living.

Industrial waste: The term “industrial waste” means all waste generated on the premises of manufacturing and industrial operations such as, but not limited to, those carried on in factories, processing plants, refineries, slaughter houses and steel mills.

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