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Virginia Department of Forestry
Identification Guide
Camp Woods & Wildlife
Each summer, Camp Woods & Wildlife
introduces teens to our state’s forest
resources and their management. The
camp is sponsored by the Virginia
Department of Forestry, in cooperation
with other agencies, organizations
and businesses. Sponsorships allow
all campers to participate at a minimal
personal cost.
Camp is designed for students with an
interest in natural resource conservation
who may want to explore forestry and
other natural resource careers. This
hands-on, field-oriented experience takes place at Holiday Lake 4-H
Educational Center, located in the 20,000-acre Appomattox-Buckingham
State Forest. The working forest provides a vast outdoor classroom for
interactive learning, with instruction from professional foresters, biologists and
other resource specialists. Subjects include forest ecology and management;
timber harvesting and reforestation; tree identification and measurement;
wildlife management and habitat improvement, and environmental protection.
Additional activities include field trips, demonstrations, exploratory sessions
and competitions.
Nominations for Camp Woods & Wildlfie are accepted each year beginning in
January. For more information, visit the Virginia Department of Forestry’s website: