7516 County Complex Road
Hanover, VA 23069

P.O. Box 470
Hanover, VA 23069



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Monday - Friday
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Hunter, Jo Ann Sr. Director of Planning and Community Development   804-365-6171  
Pennock, Mary Deputy Director   804-365-6171  
Pompei, Andrew Deputy Director   804-365-6171  
Baber, Erin Business Manager   804-365-6796  
Westfall, Ashley Clerk to the Planning Commission   804-365-6169  
Pitts, Angie Senior Administrative Assistant   804-365-6338  
Beazley, Kaitlin Administrative Assistant   804-365-6171  
Biernot, Gretchen Current Planning: Manager   804-365-6369  
McHugh, Brendan Current Planning: Planner II   804-365-6174  
Cheely, Claudia Current Planning: Senior Planner II   804-365-6310  
Daniels, Kimberlee Current Planning: Senior Planning Technician   804-365-6170  
Crews, Jessica Current Planning: Applicant Liaison-Planner I   804-365-6303  
Bowen, Donna Development Review: Principal Planner Project Manager   804-365-3101  
Incorvaia, Thomas Development Review: Planner II   804-365-6368  
Newhart, Scott Development Review: Planner II   804-365-6420  
Wilson, Madison Development Review: Planner I   804-365-6877  
Hazelwood, Jason Code Compliance: Code Compliance Supervisor   804-365-6837  
Wilson, Tim Code Compliance: Code Compliance Officer   804-365-6388  
Key, JP Code Compliance: Code Compliance Officer   804-365-3346  
Hancock, Scotty Code Compliance: Code Compliance Officer   804-365-6362  
Kirby, Kelley Code Compliance: Planning Technician   804-365-6055