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Dec 28

County recognizes longtime employees

Posted on December 28, 2023 at 12:29 PM by Shelby Walker

The Board of Supervisors on May 10 recognized nearly 100 Hanover County Government employees for their length of service, including one employee with 40 years of service to the public: Mike Whitley with the Department of Public Utilities.

Whitley has been with the department almost since its inception and is its longest serving employee.  He started with Public Utilities in 1982 as an operator-in-training at the Doswell Water Treatment Plant. In 1988 he moved to field operations and in 1993 was promoted Superintendent of Field Operations, the position he holds today. 

“Mike’s professionalism and dedication is recognized by his co-workers and many others,” said Human Resources Director Catey Dickensheets from information provided by Director Steven Herzog. “He was nominated by the Virginia Department of Health and received EPA’s Region Three’s Professional Operator Excellence Award. In addition to being a great superintendent and co-worker, Mike is an outstanding musician and regularly charms listeners with his bluegrass talent.”

The accomplishments, traits and interests of each employee were recognized with similar remarks and Board of Supervisors Chair Canova Peterson and County Administrator John A. Budesky were among those congratulating the employees for their service.

Four employees were recognized for 35 years of service, all with the Sheriff’s Office: David Barton, Leonard Dean, William Shaw and Michael Tiller.

Eight employees were recognized for 30 years of service: Cheryl Buchanan of Emergency Communications; Kenny Epling of the Sheriff’s Office; David Garber of Public Utilities; Sheila Hall and Amyjean Johnson of the Commissioner of Revenue’s Office; Edwin Hart of Public Works; Vicki Holtzlander of Parks & Recreation; and Amy Thomas of the Community Services Board.

Twenty-two employees were recognized for 25 years of service: Joseph Alt and David Guyton of General Services; Lonnie Carter, Donald David, Karen Godfrey, Kevin Laplaga, Paul Maes, Patrick Murphy, Daniel Pittman and Sean Smith of the Sheriff’s Office; Kimberlee Daniels of Planning; Shirley Edwards of Building Inspection; Ginny Ferguson and Cheryl Jackson of Social Services; Torrie Goodman and Rhonda Lowry of the Community Services Board; Iris Green and James Willett of the Pamunkey Regional Jail; Frances Hubbard of Community Resources; Becky Newcomb of Emergency Communications; and Jethro Piland and Jonathan Wingfield of Fire-EMS.

Recognized for 20 years of service were Chris Anderson, Troy Balderson, Jerome Stout and Jason Williams of Fire/EMS; Donna Bowen of Planning; Melissa Carter and Rene Elder of the Commissioner of Revenue’s Office; Robert Eacho and Casey Lawrence of Emergency Communications; Craig Fortune, Albert Myers, Joseph Vidunas and Christopher Weldon of Public Works; Dana Gaskin and Robert Schilling of the Community Services Board; Thomas Gontkovic and Paul Duc of Public Utilities; Steven Haag, Kathleen Harvey, Arlicia Henley and Karen Hurd of Pamunkey Regional Jail; Michael Hazelwood of Parks & Recreation; James Leahey of Information Technology; Matthew Ratchford of the Sheriff’s Office; Harold Stills of Building Inspection; and Susan Webb of the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office.

Recognized for 15 years of service were Daniel Angelidis, Nicholas Bond, Jason Bonifacio, Amanda Courtney, Stephen Crowe, Dennis Edwards, Donald Fein, Lilliane Fenner, Michael Finn, Matthew Gathright, Robert Hill, Norman Lee, Travis Six and Nicholas Wagner of the Sheriff’s Office; Erin Armentrout and Matthew Ellinghaus of Public Utilities; Joseph Armstrong, Dwayne Banks and Shannon Thweatt of Pamunkey Regional Jail; Colin Bunn, Robert Drake, Constantinos Kapataidakis, Brian Kincaid, Matthew Stainback and Walter Stephens of Fire/EMS; Janet Byers of Human Resources; Ramon Chalkley and Shari Skipper of the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office; Jennifer Clarke and Julia Long of the Commissioner of Revenue’s Office; Darlene Dankos of the Treasurer’s Office; Matthew Eakin and Daricka Jones of Social Services; Sheilah Frattini of the Voter Registrar’s Office; Kelly Kirby of Planning; Ryan Maddux of the Community Services Board; and Constance Mills of Finance and Management Services.

Employee Service Awards 2023Peterson and Budesky thanked the employees.

“Our employees are our greatest asset and we are pleased to be able to honor you through this service program,” Peterson said.

Budesky noted that these employees collectively represented more than 2,000 years of service.

“I would put our employees up against anyone’s,” Budesky said. “The work you do goes above and beyond. All of you are ambassadors for Hanover County and I am proud to work with you.”

The Board of Supervisors annually recognizes its employees for their years of service with the County. Employees reaching at least 15 years of service receive a certificate and service pin. Employees with 40 years of service - Mike Whitley this year - receive a wooden plaque.