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Board of Supervisors - Public Hearings

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Sign up to speak during Public Hearings at the Board of Supervisors meeting.

Please note that each public hearing shall be limited to one hour unless the Board determines a need to extend it to two hours. Speakers will have three to five minutes each, depending on the number of registered speakers.  Speakers will be called based on the order registered. Once the time limit for the public hearing is up, no additional speakers will be heard.

The initial register for activity option requires you to either “Sign In/Create Account" or to “Proceed as Guest.” Please select the “Proceed as Guest” option. The registration form has several fields that are required (noted with an *). Citizens may only register once and may not register for someone else. Hence, please select the box for “Participant is the same as above.” 

To complete the registration process you may be required to verify you are not a robot using reCaptcha.  After clicking to submit your registration, you may have to scroll down to see the reCaptcha verification.

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