Broadband Advisory Committee

This Committee is no longer meeting. It was scoped with the items below and we are proud to report that the Committee has completed all of the items. For further information regarding Hanover County’s successful Broadband initiative, please visit this link:  Internet | Hanover County, VA.”

The Committee's Scope was:

  • Reviewing existing maps and working with service providers to attempt to identify inaccuracies and recommend a method or methods to obtain information to correct the inaccuracies. The maps to be reviewed are the Federal Communications Commission Fixed Broadband Deployment Map and the Center for Innovative Technology Virginia Broadband Availability Map.
  • Determining what infrastructure currently exists and how it can be leveraged to expand the improve service
  • Developing practical solutions for serving the unserved areas of the County and prioritizing these solutions
  • Preparing a final report and making a presentation to the Board of Supervisors


Kirk Baumbach

Casey Bohn

Scott Brown

George Condyles

Kristie Proctor

Andy Schaeffer