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Non-Exclusive Franchise Agreement With Comcast

Cable TV in Hanover County is primarily offered by Comcast, with which the County has a non-exclusive franchise agreement. Other cable TV providers are encouraged to expand their service areas into Hanover County under the same terms.

The Hanover County government has no role in the provision in high-speed Internet services, and they are not addressed in the franchise agreement with Comcast, which was approved in 1997. Such services in Hanover County are offered by private sector companies which the County government does not regulate. However, Hanover County recognizes the importance of high-speed Internet access to all residents and businesses.

Internet Service

Internet service provision is critical to the county's growth in economic development, quality of life, and educational program offerings. The County encourages all providers of high-speed Internet services to extend services to all residents in Hanover County regardless of proximity to current service areas.

In October 2019, the Board of Supervisors created a Broadband Advisory Committee that includes citizens who possess applicable expertise in the appropriate fields (Information Technology; wired internet service provision; wireless internet service provision GIS mapping; and broadband infrastructure and tools). This committee has resumed meeting after an interruption caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

In July 2020, the County joined with partners, Comcast and CenturyLink, to submit grant applications for funding to serve areas in Old Church and Rockville (Comcast) and Doswell and Gum Tree (CenturyLink). The grant funding is available through a program called the Virginia Telecommunications Initiative (VATI), which is offered through the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development. Copies of the letters can be read in the column to the right.

The County has also developed a survey tool that allows citizens to run an internet speed test and report that data to the County. For respondents who live within areas included in the VATI grant applications filed in July 2020, this information will be included in the application. However, citizens who do not live in the grant areas also are invited to participate as it would provide additional information to the County and to internet service providers. 


Forms & Documents

Forms and documents were developed for a community meeting on February 10, 2015. The list of providers may not be all-inclusive because the County does not track private sector providers. If you are a provider that would like to be included on the list, please contact Tom Harris, Public Information Officer, via email.