My Property

  1. Building Permit

    Take a look at information about building permits.

  2. Property Changes & Uses

    Find frequent property-related questions.

  3. Deeds & Plats

    The Clerk of the Circuit Court’s land records division records various real estate documents.

  4. Personal Property

    Personal property tax is a tax on items such as vehicles and trailers. Personal property taxes are billed once a year with a February 5 due date.

  5. Property Assessments

    The Code of Virginia (Title 58.1-3201) states that real estate is to be assessed at 100% of fair market value. Fair market value is defined as the amount a property would likely sell for today if it were on the market for a reasonable time.

  6. Taxes

    Gain a better understanding of taxes in Hanover County such as personal property, real estate tax, business property tax, and more.

  7. Water & Sewer

    Learn what is takes to connect your property to Hanover County's public water and/or sewer.

  8. Zoning Process

    Read about the zoning process. You can also access the County's mapping system.