Developing Property

  1. Business & Industrial

    The county zoning ordinance requires that all non-residential development or redevelopment have an approved site plan filed with the Planning Department.

  2. Churches & Community Uses

    Churches and places of worship are permitted with a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). Other community uses, such as recreation centers, may also require a CUP or a Special Exception (SE).

  3. Construction

    View various frequently asked questions regarding residential and commercial building projects, inspections, and more.

  4. Land Disturbance & Drainage

    Most land disturbing activities, such as clearing and construction, require an erosion and sediment control plan.

  5. Residential

    In some instances, if a property is not zoned for residential uses it must first be rezoned before proceeding through the subdivision or site plan process.

  6. Signs

    The county regulates the types and size of signs which are visible from adjoining properties, roads, or rights-of-way.

  7. Water & Sewer

    View helpful information if you plan on developing or redeveloping property on public water and sewer, connecting an existing facility to public water or sewer, or expanding an existing facility currently connected to public water or sewer.

  8. Zoning Process

    Read about the zoning process. You can also access the county's mapping system.