School Board

School Board Members as of July 1, 2023

Ashland Magisterial District: Ms. Ola J. Hawkins, term ends 6/30/24

Beaverdam Magisterial District: Mr. Greg Coleman, term ends 6/30/27

Chickahominy Magisterial District: Mr. Robert L. Hundley, Jr., term ends 6/30/24

Cold Harbor Magisterial District: Mr. Steve Ikenberry, term ends 6/30/25

Henry Magisterial District: Ms. Whitney Welsh, term ends 6/30/27

Mechanicsville Magisterial District: Mr. John Redd Jr.'s  term ends 6/30/26

South Anna Magisterial District: Mr. Bob May, term ends 6/30/25


Terms of Service 

4-year term on staggered cycle with term commencing on July 1


The purpose of the School Board is to serve as the appointed body under the Code of Virginia in providing oversight over the Hanover County Public School system to preserve and enhance public school education.


The School Board accepts its obligation to establish policies for the total operation of the school division; provide qualified personnel; adopt an annual school budget; and determine educational needs and desires of the community. The School Board sets challenging district goals, while monitoring and evaluating progress toward these goals. The Hanover County School Board operates within strict legal parameters established by the Virginia General Assembly and the federal government.

The School Board relies on community involvement, professional educators, and deliberative judgment to fulfill its public trust. The superintendent of Hanover County Public Schools is appointed by the School Board as the chief administrator and executive officer.



Further Information

For more information, please view the School Board website page.