Electoral Board


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  • Michael Carter (R) - Chair
  • Debbie Agliano (R) - Vice Chair
  • Robert Barnette, Jr. (D) - Secretary


The Electoral Board shall perform the duties assigned by the Code of Virginia title §24.2 including, but not limited to, the preparation of ballots; the conduct of the election; and the ascertainment of the results.


Board Members

Terms of Service

This Board is appointed pursuant to the Code of Virginia §24.2-106 that is composed of three members who shall be appointed by a majority of the circuit judges of the judicial circuit for our county to administer elections. The Electoral Board representation shall be given to each of the two political parties having the highest and next highest number of votes in the Commonwealth for Governor at the last preceding gubernatorial election. Two electoral board members shall be of the political party that cast the highest number of votes for Governor at that election.


Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Rights & Responsibilities
Point of contact for Hanover County Voter Registration and Elections Office:

Teresa F. Smithson

E-mail: [email protected]