Community Criminal Justice Board


Authorized by the Code of Virginia §9.1-178 and supported by Hanover & Caroline Board of Supervisors. The Community Criminal Justice Board (CCJB) was adopted in March 1997. The responsibility of the Board is to advise on the development and operation of local community based probation services and pretrial services.


The Department of Community Corrections (CCP) & Pretrial Services (PT) is the lead agency supporting the establishment of the CCJB. The department is authorized to provide alternatives for offenders who are convicted and sentenced pursuant to §19.2-303.3 and suitable for probation services and defendants who are provided deferred proceeding and placed on probation. The department is also authorized to assist judicial officers in determining the risk to public safety and the assurance of appearance of persons pending trial or hearing.




The Board shall be composed of 12 members who are to be persons from the entities or hold the positions listed. (a) presiding Judge of Hanover Circuit Court (b) presiding Judge of Hanover General District Court (c) presiding Judge of Hanover Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court (d) Hanover Commonwealth’s Attorney (e) Chief Magistrate 15th Judicial District (f) Caroline Sheriff (g) Pamunkey Regional Jail Administrator (h) Hanover Community Services Board Administrator. Additional members shall be appointed by the approved Board of Supervisors (i) Hanover Board of Supervisors shall appoint a person to represent the governing body (j) Hanover Board of Supervisors shall appoint a criminal defense attorney (k) Hanover Board of Supervisors shall appoint a local educator to represent both jurisdictions (l) Caroline Board of Supervisors shall appoint a person to represent the governing body. The Director of CCP and PT shall serve as staff to the board.


  • James Willett
    Phone: 804-365-6400
  • Estee L. Newby-Howard
    Phone: 804-633-8037
  • Sheriff Scott Moser
    Phone: 804-633-1120
  • Mackenzie Babichenko
    Phone: 804-365-6185
  • R. Craig Evans, Defense Attorney
  • The Honorable Hugh S. Campbell, Hanover General District Court
  • Jennifer Greif
    Phone: 804-365-4531
  • Jim Taylor, Deputy County Administrator
    Phone: 804-365-6005
  • Clifford Rose
    Phone: 540-659-9641
  • Gabriella C. Caldwell-Miller
    Phone: 804-365-6633
  • The Honorable J. Overton Harris, Hanover Circuit Court
  • Vacant, Hanover Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court

Terms of Service

Four-year term   No limitation on number of terms a member may be appointed.


  • The CCJB shall hold at least two (2) meetings per year. Meetings are typically on Wednesdays beginning at 7:30 a.m.
  • Pamunkey Regional Jail Administration Conference Room
    7240 Courtland Farm Road
    Hanover, VA 23069