Truck-Hauled Waste

Public Utilities accepts truck-hauled waste from properties in Hanover County. We accept:
  • Grease trap waste
  • Vegetable Oil waste
  • Portable toilet waste
  • Septic tank waste
To participate in this program, a permit is required. Permitted haulers with businesses based in Hanover may also bring waste from properties outside of Hanover County.
Truck-Hauled Waste Dump Site

At the Dump Site

Drivers must complete a truck-hauled waste manifest for each load they dump. The form is available at the dump site. Please remember that haulers are responsible for reporting and cleaning any spilled waste.


Type of Waste
Waste from septic tanks $25 per 500 gallons, or a fraction thereof
Waste with vegetable oil waste and grease
$50 per 500 gallons, or a fraction thereof


Monthly invoices are mailed to all drivers who used the site during the previous month and are due within 30 days. Anyone who has not paid a bill older than 45 days will not be allowed to use the site.


To use the site, you must apply for two permits:
An individual permit is required for each vehicle that visits the site. Permits must be renewed annually; you will receive a renewal letter 30 days before your permit expires.

For additional information, please contact the Department of Public Utilities by phone at 804-365-6024 or email.