Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission


  • 6:30 p.m.
  • Commission meets 6 times a year on the 4th Monday of odd numbered months:
    • January
    • March
    • May
    • July
    • September
    • November
  • Martha Ann Fields Building
    7515 Library Drive
    Hanover, VA 23069
  • Meeting Length: Approximately 1-1.5 hours


Ashland District Representatives

  • Chad Snellings
    Phone: 804-516-5367
  • Jim Hunt
    Phone: 804-730-2364

Beaverdam District Representatives

  • Roger Braxton
    Phone: 804-878-7052
  • Vincent Bray
    Phone: 804-240-5026

Chickahominy District Representatives

Cold Harbor District Representatives

Henry District Representatives

  • Vacant

  • Vacant

Mechanicsville District Representatives

  • David Fuller
    Phone: 804-690-5666
  • E. Jenny Mundy
    Phone: 804-662-0028

South Anna District Representatives

  • Paul Hodge
    Phone: 804-382-7338
  • Todd Winston
    Phone: 804-335-8139

Board of Supervisors Representatives

  • Susan P. Dibble
    Phone: 804-752-6866
  • F. Michael Herzberg
    Phone: 804-304-8062

School Board Representative

  • Vacant

School Staff Representative

  • Tom Vaughan
    Phone: 804-365-4570


  • Board of Supervisors appoints 2 members from each of the 7 magisterial districts
  • Director of Park and Recreation (non-voting member)
  • Division Superintendent of Schools or their designee
  • Member of the School Board

Terms of Service

Members serve 4 year terms


The Commission shall:
  • Investigate and determine the needs and interests of the community for recreational facilities and programs, recommending recreational programs to meet these needs
  • Update recommendations as necessary, remaining consistent with the current Hanover County Comprehensive Plan
  • Work with the department to recommend the acquisition and development of an adequate system of parks, facilities and recreation programs