Fire Hydrant Meter Rental

If you need to draw water from a fire hydrant, you may rent a meter to do so.

How to Rent a Hydrant Meter

Sizes Available for Lease

Small Hydrant Meter (Straight 5/8 Inch)

  • Used on all hydrants except for emergency use-only hydrants
  • Used for smaller construction projects, such as building a house
  • Water flow is approximately 12 gallons per minute, equivalent to a garden hose

Large Hydrant Meter (2 to 3-Inch)

  • Used only on 6 authorized hydrants
  • Used for larger construction projects

Lease Requirements

If you lease a hydrant meter:
  • Provide meter readings to Public Utilities by the 15th of each odd-numbered month. You may fax readings to our office using the Hydrant Meter Readings Fax Sheet (PDF) or submit your meter reading electronically using our online Hydrant Meter Reading Form.
  • You will receive a bill in approximately 2-4 weeks. We will estimate water usage rates if you do not submit meter readings by the 15th.
  • Submit payment for water use by the due date.
  • Meters must be returned annually so that we can check its condition and verify its readings. If hydrant meters are not returned by the lease renewal date, a daily fee will be added to your bill or deducted from your deposit.
  • We will terminate the lease if the hydrant meter continues to be overdue or a bill is not paid within 15 days of receiving a delinquency letter. If we terminate the lease, the deposit is forfeited.


Small Hydrant Meter

Charge Type
Deposit $250
Administrative charge $25 monthly

Large Hydrant Meter

Charge Type
Administrative charge $25 monthly

Usage Charges

How to Use a Hydrant Meter

  • Open meter valve slowly, using only the hydrant wrench that is provided with the meter. This allows air to exit the meter chamber.
  • Do not leave meters outside if temperatures fall below freezing.
  • Do not remove flow restrictors on large hydrant meters. Doing so may result in the forfeiture of your meter deposit.

Six Approved Hydrants for Large Hydrant Meter Use

The addresses listed are the closest available addresses to the hydrant. These are the only locations where water can be withdrawn using a large hydrant meter, unless you obtain written permission from Public Utilities. The approved hydrants are marked with an orange band around the rim.
  1. Mechanicsville Turnpike (Entrance to Battlefield Green Subdivision)
    8157 Old Cavalry Drive
    Fire Hydrant at Battlefield Green (PDF)
  2. Chamberlayne Road (Entrance to Crown Colony Subdivision)
    8251 Crown Colony Parkway
    Fire Hydrant at Crown Colony (PDF)
  3. Kings Acres Road at Interstate 95 (Western Branch Diesel, Inc.)
    10194 Sliding Hill Road
    Fire Hydrant at Western Branch (PDF)
  4. Lewistown Road at North Lakeridge Parkway
    11375 N Lakeridge Parkway
    Fire Hydrant at Lewistown and N Lakeridge (PDF)
  5. Town of Ashland (Vaughan Road at North James Street)
    600 N James Street
    Fire Hydrant at W Vaughan and N James (PDF)
  6. Town of Ashland
    10452 Dow Gil Road
    Fire Hydrant at Dow Gil (PDF)