Disabled Veteran Tax Relief

Disabled Veteran Personal Property Tax Relief

The Disabled Veteran Personal Property Discount program provides a reduced tax rate on the vehicles of disabled veterans who meet program requirements.


One vehicle owned and regularly used by a veteran may qualify if:
  • The disability involves the loss or loss of use of a leg, arm or hand, blindness as defined by Virginia State Code §46.2-739 or being permanently and totally disabled
  • The disability is service related
  • The veteran is certified as disabled by the Department of Veterans Services

Disabled Veteran Real Estate Tax Relief

The Disabled Veteran Real Estate Tax Relief program gives veterans an exemption on real estate taxes for the house and up to 10 acres. After the exemption is granted it does not need to be renewed unless the veteran moves.


  • Veteran's disability must be total, permanent and 100% service connected
  • Property must be veteran's primary residence
  • Spouse must be included on the application
If the Veteran is Deceased, the Surviving Spouse May Qualify if:
  • Property is the surviving spouse's primary residence
  • Surviving spouse is not remarried
  • Veteran died on or after January 1, 2011

Application Process

There is not a specific time period to apply for either benefit. A complete application includes the following:
  • Signed application
    • For the real estate benefit, the spouse must also sign the application
  • Copy of Department of Veterans Affairs letter stating the service connected disability
    • For the real estate benefit, the disability must be 100%
  • Copy of veteran's death certificate if applicable