Personal Property Tax

Personal property tax is a tax on items such as vehicles and trailers. Personal property taxes are billed once a year with a February 5 due date.
  1. Disabled Veteran Tax Relief

    The Disabled Veteran Personal Property Discount program provides a reduced tax rate on the vehicles of disabled veterans who meet program requirements.

  2. High Mileage & Personal Property

    Hanover County assesses personal property items based on National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) values. If an assessment is not available from NADA, then the assessment is based on cost.

  1. Personal Property Registration

    Personal property registration can be a confusing task. There are different types of personal property with different registration methods.

  2. Personal Property Tax Relief

    Personal property tax relief, (PPTR) gives tax relief on the taxes due for the first $20,000 in assessed value on qualified personal vehicles. No relief is given on any assessment amounts over $20,000.