Business Licenses

Only certain types of businesses are required to purchase a business license. License taxes are assessed on selected categories of businesses operating in Hanover County. The following businesses require a license in order to operate:
  • Contractors
  • Electric contractors
  • Plumbers
  • Steam fitters

License Requirements

Every contractor, electric contractor, plumber and steam fitter who has gross receipts over $100,000 and who meets the following requirements shall apply for a license for each business operating in the county:
  • If the person has a definite place of business in the county
  • If there is no definite place of business anywhere and the person resides in the county
  • If there is no definite place of business in the county but the person is a contractor subject to Virginia State Code 58.1-3715
If you are based and licensed in another locality, you may be exempt from obtaining a license until your gross receipts generated within Hanover County reach $25,000. You must file a license application if the gross receipts exceed $25,000.

If you are not state registered as a Class A, B or C Contractor, you must sign an affidavit stating that the Commissioner's Office has informed you that you must be state registered if you undertake or bid any job of $1,000 or more.

Application Process

Licenses must be renewed annually by March 1 unless stated otherwise. A new business requiring a license must obtain the license prior to conducting any business in the county. Save time and postage by filing online through the customer portal at

A license tax based on prior year gross receipts is applied when the receipt total is above $100,000. The tax rate is $0.10 per $100 of receipt total. To calculate the tax, multiply the gross receipt total by 0.001 ($100,000 multiplied by 0.001 = $100).