Delinquent Tax Sale

Delinquent Tax Sale at Public Auction

The Code of Virginia allows the Hanover County Treasurer's Office to sell real estate for which there are delinquent taxes on December 31 following the 2nd anniversary of the date on which the taxes have become due. For example a parcel with delinquent 2011 real estate taxes is eligible for auction on January 1, 2014.

Hanover County hosts at least 2 real estate auctions per year to collect delinquent real estate taxes.  Information is posted on the County calendar as soon as a list of properties is finalized and an auction date is set. Lists are not available until 3 weeks prior to the auction. You may sign up to be notified of upcoming auctions by emailing the Collections Division. Please include your full name, a contact number and an email address.

General Information About Public Auctions

  • Auctions occur on the steps of Hanover County's Circuit Court or in the Hanover County Board Room
  • Auctions are open to the general public
  • Anyone can bid on a property
  • You must be present at the auction to participate
  • There are no requirements for starting bids nor are there any set amounts for opening bids
  • The winning bid must be high enough for the judge of the Circuit Court to approve the sale
  • The highest bidder normally must pay 25% of the bid price on the day of the auction
  • All payments for tax sale properties must be made in the form of cash or certified bank funds
  • At the closing, the purchaser pays the remaining 75% due for the property purchased
  • Ten percent buyer's premium may be added to the total bid price for each parcel to cover fees associated with the auction
  • Purchaser is responsible for all costs associated with any title insurance purchased for the property
  • Purchaser is responsible for all costs required for recording the deed for the property and all future real estate taxes on the property
  • The property is sold free of liens and encumbrances
  • The purchaser gets a special warranty deed
All delinquent taxes are paid in full from the tax sale proceeds.