Delinquent Taxes

All taxes are considered delinquent on the day following the due date. The due dates for all county taxes can be found on the calendar.
  • A 2% penalty is due if the tax is paid after the due date but on or before the end of the month.
  • A 10% penalty is due if not paid by the end of the month and interest begins to accrue at a rate of 10% per year.


The Collection Division issues delinquent notices for unpaid taxes approximately 10 days after a due date. If you are unable to pay a tax bill in full before the due date, please contact our office at 804-365-6145 or email the Collections Division. All documents pertaining to collections should be faxed to 804-365-6844.

Payment Plans

Payment plans spread the total tax liability out over time. They are designed to stop legal action for collection of delinquent taxes. It is an agreement between the Treasurer's Office and the taxpayer. Interest will continue to accrue during the payment period. Please contact the Collection Division for more information concerning payment plans.

Delinquent Tax Collection Methods

If you are late on your taxes, the county may use the following to collect what is due. Additional fees are charged for collection actions: