Economic Development


Economic Development's mission is to increase the county's tax base and enable the creation of new jobs. We provide services, programs and information sources to Hanover's established businesses, companies that are thinking about relocating, the corporate community and the consultants that represent them. Visit the Economic Development website for more information.

In General

  • Develop and implement long-term county economic development policy
  • Foster economic development collaboration among county leaders, citizens and businesses
  • Market the county's business advantages together with other initiatives/incentives
  • Serve as the primary contact when the county receives business-related inquiries
  • Serve as a resource to the Economic Development Authority

Assist Existing Businesses

  • Be a technical resource to the county's business community
  • Encourage existing county businesses to invest and expand where/when appropriate
  • Visit/interview existing businesses to gauge specific business needs and general business climate
  • Respond to local business needs and serve as a business community liaison with county

Encourage New Business Ventures

  • Provide local entrepreneurs with guidance and resources for their start-up ventures
  • Provide marketing support for the Dominion Resources Innovation Center
  • Recruit/relocate out-of-town businesses
  • Respond to commercial prospect inquiries whether sourced in-house or via regional partners
  • Expand the county supply of available commercial and industrial sites and buildings
  • Be a strategic resource and facilitator to groups looking to develop sites within the county