Notary Public Applications

Becoming a Notary Public or Renewing My Notary Public Commission

The office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth is responsible for commissioning Notaries Public in Virginia. Visit the Secretary of the Commonwealth's Notary website for up-to-date information. A Notary Public claims the commission and qualifies by taking an oath in a circuit court clerk's office

To Apply

Use one of the following methods to apply:

Claiming Your Commission & Taking the Oath to Qualify as Notary Public

  1. After the Secretary of the Commonwealth notifies you that your commission has been issued, call us to confirm that we have received it before coming in to take your oath.
  2. Pick up the commission and take the oath at the reception desk in the clerk's office.
  3. A $10 fee is due to the clerk's office when you claim the commission. We accept cash, check (payable to Clerk of Circuit Court) and money orders.
  4. Bring the confirmation letter received from the Secretary of the Commonwealth and a photo I.D.
  5. By law, you must claim your commission within 60 days after it is issued or you must start the application process over.