Filing a Trade Name

Effective January 1, 2020, all new and amended fictitious names must be filed with the State Corporation Commission.  Please see VA Code Section 59.1-69 for information.

Certificates of Assumed or Fictitious Name (also referred to as trade name) are filed in the Hanover County Circuit Court Clerk's Office. VA Code Section 59.1-69 addresses the requirements for persons, partnerships, limited liability companies or corporations to file certificates of assumed or fictitious name, when business is conducted in Virginia under a name other than the owner's legal name. Depending upon the type of business entity, you may also be required by VA Code Section 59.1-70, or other Virginia statute, to file a certified copy of the original certificate with the clerk's office of the State Corporation Commission. The State Corporation Commission's telephone number is 804-371-9733, and its website can be reached using this link Virginia State Corporation Commission. VA Code Section 59.1-75 sets out penalties for violating VA Code Section 59.1-69.

The staff of the Clerk's Office can provide procedural information regarding filing instructions, but it cannot give legal advice.

Is the Assumed Name Already in Use

Before filing the certificate of assumed or fictitious name, you may want to check the alphabetized index of assumed or fictitious names in the clerk's office to confirm that the business name you have selected is not already in use. You are encouraged to consult with an attorney concerning the protection of your business trade name.

Filing a Certificate of Assumed Name

The Supreme Court of Virginia provides a form for filing an assumed name that you may find useful. You can download the form by viewing the Certificate of Assumed or Fictitious Name (CC-1050) website and Instructions on the Virginia Judicial System's website.

A certificate can be filed at the clerk's office on the second floor of: 

  • Courthouse
    7530 County Complex Road
    Hanover, VA 23069
    Hours: Weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
If submitting by mail, please send your completed certificate to:
  • Hanover County Circuit Court Clerk's Office
    Attention: Assumed or Fictitious Names
    P.O. Box 39
    Hanover, VA 23069
For your application to be considered complete, please note:
  • All signatures must be acknowledged before a notary or deputy clerk. For partnerships, all partners must sign the certificate.
  • If the form is handwritten, you must print in black ink.
  • Include the filing fee of $10, which is payable by cash, check or money order. Checks should be made payable to Hanover County Circuit Court Clerk. Please do not send cash by mail.
  • Provide a self-addressed envelope so that the filed certificate and any certified copies can be returned to you.
  • Use the "Print for Submission to Court" button when printing the form. Printing from your Internet browser will sometimes result in the appearance of grey boxes on the form. The Clerk's Office cannot accept grey bars over any fields.

Requesting Copies of Your Certificate

If you plan to submit a certified copy of your certificate filed in the clerk's office to the State Corporation Commission, you may request certified copies when you file your application with the Clerk's Office. Copies are 50 cents per page, and there is a $2 fee for certifying the document.

Discontinuing the Use of a Business Name

The clerk's office accepts certificates concerning discontinued use of assumed names that are in recordable form. We are unaware of any court approved form for discontinuing the use of an assumed name. We encourage you to consult an attorney for guidance on the best way to proceed.