The information below is a summary of all employee benefits. For rates and detailed plan comparisons, refer to our benefits brochure (PDF).
  1. Additional Benefits

    Check out these additional benefits of working for Hanover County like wellness benefits and business discounts.

  2. Dental Insurance

    We offer three plans through Delta Dental of Virginia.

  3. Disability Insurance

    Take a look at the different types of disability insurance offered by Hanover County.

  4. Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    We offer no-cost counseling services for all employees and other household members, regardless of your participation in county health plans.

  5. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

    We offer two FSA accounts that employees may participate in by contributing funds pre-tax through payroll deductions.

  1. Health Insurance

    Hanover County offers three open access (no referrals required for specialist visits) plans through our Anthem Healthkeepers plan.

  2. Other Insurances

    Hanover County offers other insurances including, life, supplemental and long-term care insurance.

  3. Retirement & Disability Plans

    There are three Virginia Retirement System (VRS) Plans: Plan 1, Plan 2 and the Hybrid. Benefits vary depending on your membership date and vesting.

  4. Time Off Benefits

    Hanover County has paid time off accrual and 13 holidays per calendar year.