Budget Fiscal Year 2017

Quick facts about Hanover County's FY2017 adopted budget. (PDF)

Each of the FY2017 adopted budget document sections described below are available to view in the corresponding pdfs listed at the bottom of this page.

This document (PDF) has the entire adopted budget (all sections combined) for 2017.
  1. Introduction of 2017 Adopted Budget

    The introduction of the county’s fiscal year (FY) 2017 adopted budget.

  2. Overview of FY17 Adopted Budget

    An overview of the county’s fiscal year (FY) 2017 adopted budget.

  3. General Fund

    This section describes the general fund which is the chief operating fund of the County and includes operating budgets for most traditional local government programs such as Public Safety, Parks and Recreation, and Public Works

  4. Other Funds

    This section includes descriptions for all other funds which are not included under the general fund.

  5. Capital Improvements Program

    An overview of the Capital Improvements Program (CIP), which is the county’s plan for expenditures on facilities, equipment, and vehicles over the next five fiscal years.

  6. Supplemental Data

    The supplemental data section includes budget directives, finance and management services policies and other supplemental information.