Real Estate Tax

Real estate tax is a tax on land and any buildings or other improvements attached to the land. Real estate taxes are billed twice a year, due on June 5 and October 5.
  1. Appeal My Real Estate Assessment

    View the specific steps to appealing your real estate assessment.

  2. Disabled Veteran Tax Relief

    Discover tax relief options for those who are veterans in Hanover County.

  3. Land Use

    The Land Use Program is a state program that provides for the assessment of land based on use value instead of market value. The tax reduction is a deferral not a discount.

  1. Parcel Search

    View results from a parcel search of property in Hanover County.

  2. Real Estate Tax Relief

    Real estate tax relief is a discount for citizens who meet the income and net worth requirements. The discount applies to the taxes for the house and up to 10 acres of land.