Finance & Management Services


The department of Finance and Management Services is responsible for the financial management and planning of the County. This includes establishing and maintaining effective controls over the county's financial activities, providing accurate financial information to all county and school board departments in a timely manner, and coordinating the annual budget and monitoring compliance after adoption.

Accounting Division

The accounting division coordinates the annual audit and prepares the annual audited financial reports. Finance provides the resources needed in its budget division to support departments, County Administration, and the Board of Supervisors. In addition, finance also provides the support for payroll, accounts payable, financial reporting, debt management and audit.

Budget Division

The Budget Division is responsible for providing an annual balanced financial and management plan to the County Administrator and Board of Supervisors for review and adoption.  The Budget Division works closely with County departments in monitoring and identifying improvement measures of the operating budget, Capital Improvements Programs (CIP), and five-year Financial Plan.  The Budget Division also reviews all budget adjustments.

Purchasing Division

The purchasing division serves as administrative agent in the procurement of all goods and services above a $10,000 unit cost as well as all procurement card oversight and disposal of surplus property. The purchasing division's primary responsibilities include oversight, review and assistance in preparation of specifications, commodity bidding, solicitation and oversight review of professional and non-professional service proposals.