Courthouse Park


7232 Courtland Farm Road
Hanover, VA 23069 Map It

Park map (PDF)


  • Multipurpose fields (PDF) (7) - 3 lighted and 4 non-lighted
  • Picnic shelter:
  • Walking trail (1/2 mile in length)
  • Playground
  • CLOSED Fishing pond with floating dock - Recently there have been a number of dead fish appearing in the pond. This incident appears to be an unfortunate, but natural, event according to our partners at the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. 
    The recent drought conditions, combined with heavy rain at this particular time of the year has created conditions that led to oxygen levels within the pond dropping dramatically. 
    While this is a temporary condition, the pond will remain closed until Department staff feel that no more fish are affected.

Park Pictures

Mobile Food Vendor

Parks and Recreation is excited to partner with mobile food vendors to enhance park patrons' experiences. Mobile food vendors may purchase permits to operate at Courthouse Park as well as Pole Green Park, and / or Poor Farm Park during the following seasons: March - July and August - December. 

Matthew & Daniel Barton Memorial Roller Hockey Rink

Donated by Mr. and Mrs. Barton in memory of their sons Matthew and Daniel, the fully lighted rink is 180’ x 90’ with a 44” boarding system, player benches and viewing bleachers.


Annually, this event is held at Courthouse Park:
  • Taylor's Pirate FishingFUN - first Saturday in June