Commercial Trash Fees

Commercial trash and other goods may be disposed of at the Route 301 Transfer Station. For information on setting up a commercial waste account please contact Public Works at 804-365-6181.

Commercial Waste

  • $50 per ton
  • $15 per refrigerant containing appliance + tipping fee

Commercial E-Waste

  • $28 per CRT (old style) TV/monitor
  • $23 per Projection TV
  • $14 per Flat Screen TV/monitor
  • $5 per Electronic Printer
  • $50 per ton will apply for other e-waste (CPUs, laptops, wires, cables, electric cords, keyboards, mouse, printers, copiers) in addition to the above charges 

Commercial Yard Waste

All brush/limbs/logs over 4" in diameter is considered commercial. No limbs/logs greater than 12” diameter and 6’ in length.
  • $50 per ton


Chargeable whether commercial or residential.
  • $50 per ton

Mattresses or Inner Coil Spring Mattresses

(Does not include box springs or foundation mattress that can be readily crushed, e.g. wood framed)

  • $15.00 each + tipping fee


  • $2.25 per tire up to 32 inches + tipping fee
  • $9 per tire up to 33 inches – 44 inches + tipping fee
  • $140 per ton (bulk tires)
  • No tires greater than a road tractor

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