Business & Industrial Development

Site Plan Reviews

The County Zoning Ordinance requires that all non-residential development or redevelopment have an approved site plan filed with the Planning Department. This is done to protect property owners and citizens and to ensure basic standards for health and safety. Site plan regulations apply to all commercial, industrial, multi-family, churches, and institutional uses.

Before submitting a site plan for review, check the zoning of the property to determine if the proposed use is permitted. It may be helpful to review the reference table (PDF) for uses in the business or industrial districts and the requirements for churches and community uses. Developers are encouraged to schedule a site plan pre-application meeting (PDF) prior to submission of a site plan application.

All site plans are reviewed by the community development review team which consists of Planning, Public Works, Public Utilities, Building Inspector's Office, Fire-EMS, Sheriff's Office, Health Department, and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). A licensed professional such as a civil engineer, surveyor, or landscape architect is typically required to prepare site plans, which may include architectural elevations and a site lighting plan.

Site Suitability

If locating a business in an existing structure, check with Planning to be sure that the business is suitable for the site. There may be parking, lighting, screening, or land use issues that need to be addressed. Contact the Building Inspector's Office to determine if any building permits will be required.

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