Fiscal Year 2024 Adopted Budget

FY24 Hanover County Adopted Budget (all sections)

Each of the FY2024 budget document sections described below are available to view in the corresponding pdfs.

This document (PDF) has the entire budget (all sections combined) for fiscal year (FY) 2024.

Section 1 - Introduction

This section introduces Hanover County and this budget document. It includes organizational and demographic information, illustrations of the County’s financial structure and budget process and summaries of the County’s financial condition and achievements.

Section 2 - Overview

This section summarizes the overall budget and its major components. It includes the County Administrator’s letter to the Board of Supervisors, budget information by fund and in total (‘All Funds’) and a summary of authorized positions (FTE) by department and fund. It also discusses financial plans with a budgetary impact. 

Section 3 - General Fund

This section presents General Fund revenue by source and expenditures by department. The General Fund contains the operating budgets for most traditional local government programs such as public safety, parks and public works. The General Fund also transfers general tax revenues and receipts to Hanover County Public Schools and other funds to support those functions.

Section 4 - Other Funds

This section provides information regarding other funds appropriated by the Board of Supervisors that are not included under the General Fund or the Capital Improvements Program (CIP), including:

  • School Funds for Hanover County Public Schools (Operations and Nutrition Services)
  • Public Utilities Fund
  • Airport Fund
  • Self-Insurance Fund
  • Debt Service Fund
  • Economic Development Authority Fund

Section 5 - Capital Improvements Program (CIP)

This section provides detailed descriptions for Airport, County, Public Utilities and School projects in the Five-Year Capital Improvements Program (CIP). The CIP includes major construction, acquisition or renovation activities. Typically projects greater than $50,000 that have a useful life of several years are included in the CIP.

This section is organized alphabetically by capital improvements fund and department.

Section 6 - Supplemental Data

This section includes financial and other appendices that may be of interest to the reader, such as financial policies, links to external resources related to county operations and finances, a glossary and a list of acronyms and abbreviations.