Specialty Teams

Technical Rescue (TRT)274987308_324137553090258_7798030464460710674_n

The Hanover Fire-EMS Technical Rescue Team (TRT) responds to emergencies such as high angle rope, confined space, structural collapse and trench rescues. This team also assists with large animal, and wide area and remote area rescues. The TRT operates within Hanover County but is subject to mutual aid requests from other areas and counties. The Hanover Fire-EMS TRT is supported by our regional partners and is an asset to the Richmond Metro Region. 


Swift Water Rescueimagejpeg

The Hanover Fire-EMS Water Rescue Team includes members from the Technical Rescue Team specializing in water-related events. The Water Rescue Team responds to any water-related situation above and under the water's surface. Our swift water rescue technicians are able to rescue victims trapped by flood waters, boating accidents, or who have gotten lost on the water. Our  team is a state asset as part of the VEDEM State swift water Rescue team. This team is available to deploy across the state of Virginia when requested for water emergencies including flash floods and swift water rescues.  


Flammable Liquids Foam Response Taskforce 338558290_535219265200273_5753286914258724991_n

Hanover Fire-EMS staffs a component of the regional response for flammable liquids, with a trailer and foam-capable tenders/tankers. Our Department has the capability to respond to large incidents with liquids or hazardous materials that may require a large amount of foam. Flammable liquids present particular problems for fire protection, health, safety, and environmental protection. The frequency of encounters with flammable liquids makes them a particular concern for our region.  


Type IV Incident Management Team (IMT)

Hanover Fire-EMS is able to deploy an incident management team for expanded incidents. It is a designated team of trained personnel that responds to incidents that are typically contained within one operational period or usually within a few hours after resources initially arrive on the scene.

Our local IMT may be dispatched to manage or help manage incidents requiring a significant number of local and mutual aid resources. Incidents that our local IMT may be utilized include; significant weather events, major structure fires, multi-vehicle crashes with multiple patients, or a hazardous material spill.