Henrico Doctors’ Hospital Project

HCA Health Services of Virginia, Inc. has asked the County to defer consideration of its applications until the January 2024 meeting of the Planning Commission. 


HCA Health Services of Virginia, Inc. proposes to develop a regional hospital complex in the northeast quadrant of the I-95 N/Sliding Hill Road interchange. A rezoning request, Conditional Use Permit request, and Special Exception Permit request have been filed with the Hanover County Planning Department in connection with this proposal. The 39-acre property is currently zoned A-1, Agricultural District, and B-3, General Business District. This area is designated on the Comprehensive Plan for Business-Industrial and Commercial use.

In Phase I of the development, HCA proposes to construct a 60-bed hospital with an Emergency Department and associated uses and an 80,000 square foot office building (medical and professional). Ultimately, the hospital could contain up to 150 beds and 160,000 square feet of supporting medical office space. An out parcel that could contain commercial or civic uses is also proposed as part of the rezoning request.

The rezoning application contains the following:

The Conditional Use Permit concerns a request for a heliport on the hospital campus. A sketch plan has been submitted with the application. 

The Special Exception would permit a structure that is taller than permitted in the B-2 Business District. The hospital is proposed to be 58 feet tall.

HCA has also submitted a Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) for their proposed Ashland Hospital. The TIA recommends:

  • On Sliding Hill Road at Atlee Station Road/Leadbetter Road: Restriping the existing pavement on southbound Leadbetter Road to provide one left-turn lane, one through lane, and dual right-turn lanes, and upgrading the traffic signal accordingly;
  • On Leadbetter Road at Crosswhitts Drive: Restriping the existing pavement on Leadbetter Road to provide a northbound left-turn lane on Leadbetter Road with 100 feet of storage; and restriping the existing pavement on Crosswhitts Drive to provide one ingress lane and two egress lanes;
  • On Sliding Hill Road at Kings Acres Connector Road/Site Driveway: Installing a conventional traffic signal and extending the eastbound left-turn lane on Sliding Hill Road from 225 feet to 350 feet.

As of August 30, 2023, The Planning Commission is scheduled to hold is public hearing on the proposal on October 19. The case was deferred from the previously publicized September 21 meeting to allow a proper review of revisions to the Traffic Impact Analysis.

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What does the County know about this project at this time?

  • Hanover County has been approached by representatives of Henrico Doctor’s Hospital who shared interest in establishing an Ashland Hospital in the County.
  • This project has not been submitted for zoning consideration at this time, therefore, full details of the project are pending and will be provided upon submission.
  • On January 3, 2023, Henrico Doctors’ Hospital submitted an application for a Certificate of Public Need (COPN) to establish an Acute Care Hospital.  Hanover County supports our residents access to additional health care resources and, therefore, submitted a letter indicating such.  This is not a zoning determination.  The zoning determination will undergo a formal process of citizen engagement and public hearings and will ultimately be given consideration of votes later in 2023.
  • We respect the COPN process and the role of the Virginia Department of Health.  The COPN process is independent of the local land use determination decided by the Hanover County Board of Supervisors.
  • The time frames for both VDH’s consideration and the local land use/zoning processes will run concurrently.
  • A copy of the COPN application will be published on this page once HCA submits a copy to the County.

What needs to occur for this project to move forward?

  • It would be the goal of Hanover County to work with Henrico Doctors' Hospital and our citizens on this project through a significant local public input process as part of a comprehensive rezoning.  This will include, but not be limited to, evaluations on traffic impacts, access reviews and mitigation strategies as identified, any known environmental impacts, and other concerns that are raised.
  • A zoning application would need to be submitted to the County. The application would then begin the County's formal process which would include an additional community meeting, a public hearing with the Planning Commission, and a public hearing with the Board of Supervisors being required. This process is expected to take approximately 6 months after submission. 
  • The COPN would need to be approved by the Virginia Department of Health.

Where is the proposed location?

What is the current zoning on the parcels identified today and what does the County’s Comprehensive Plan identify as future uses for this property?

  • Zoning:  A-1 and B-3
  • Comprehensive Plan:  Business-Industrial and Commercial
  • The property identified is approximately 40 acres and has multiple zoning categories including A-1 and B-3.  There could be a multitude of uses permitted by-right on these properties including, retail, distribution and heavy industrial.   The initial phase would only utilize approximately 20 acres for the hospital though future plans call for additional healthcare facilities, though, at this time, those haven't been determined.

Has the County been approached for any incentives regarding this project?

  • As of January 18, 2023, the County has not been approached about any incentives.

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What are the next steps?

  • Public hearings on this project will be held before the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors. The tentative time frame for those hearings will be June for the Planning Commission and July for the Board.
  • Certificate of Public Need (COPN) Request from the State Health Commissioner 2023.
  • Future community and zoning related meetings and documents will be shared as they become available.