Safety & Risk Management

Hanover County Safety & Risk Management’s mission is to partner with Hanover County Government departments and Hanover County Public Schools to create a safe & healthful workplace environment for all employees to work to limit or reduce the impacts of common 

This mission is supported through program development, training, workplace hazard evaluation and elimination with employee involvement and providing corrective guidance in the areas of Occupational Safety & Health as well as through identification, reduction and elimination of hazards & risks that result in both minor and major loss to Hanover County Government and Hanover County Public Schools. 

Safety & Risk Value Statement:

In Hanover County, safety is not only top priority; it is a “value” that must be included in every procedure and everything that we do. Management support and employee involvement is the driving force of the Hanover safety program.

Safety & Risk Management services include:

  • Development and implementation of the safety program, safety manual, and training programs for Hanover County and Hanover County Public Schools.
  • Oversight of the County and Schools Worker’s Compensation & Risk Management Programs (General Liability, Property, Vehicle and similar)
  • Conducting research, evaluating and making recommendations regarding risk management, loss control and claims administration strategies by investigating and analyzing causes, patterns, or trends that could result in compensatory events.
  • Assisting departments with interpretation of various Federal, State, and Local safety and health regulations.
  • Fostering the principles of “proactive” safety & risk management engagement to support the goal of safety as a “value” for all Hanover County Employees.

Incident & Accident Reporting & Worker's Compensation Resources