Town of Ashland Ordinance Change

The Town of Ashland has incorporated an ordinance change that requires stormwater management for building permits on all new construction that results in increased impervious area. The Town of Ashland requires stormwater management facilities or stormwater fee payments for new construction on residential lots that are not part of a larger subdivision or plan of development, including single-family homes, additions, decks, pools, patios, and accessory buildings, etc.   As an alternative to implementing stormwater management devices or facilities, the builder or homeowner may pay a fee to the Town of Ashland.  All fees collected by the Town of Ashland will help pay for larger stormwater management projects that will compensate for the new construction plus mitigate older developed areas that were built before stormwater management was a consideration.

To read the new Ordinances in their entirety, check out Water Quality Fee For Small Projects and Water Quality Fee Calculations.

If you have any questions, please call the Town of Ashland Public Works Department at 804-752-6875.