Jail Information

Where is the Jail located?

The Pamunkey Regional Jail is located at 7240 Courtland Farm Rd., Hanover, VA  23069  Map it

How do I visit an inmate?

See our visit an inmate page. 

Who operates the jail commissary?

Keefe Commissary.  They may be contacted at (804) 365-6400, ext. 3102. 

How can I put money in an inmate’s account?

Cash and credit/debit cards are accepted by using the lobby kiosk, calling (804) 482-6437, or visiting the Jail ATM website. A service fee will apply for all cash and credit/debit card transactions. 

How can I get a message to an inmate?

  • Jail staff does not pass messages to inmates except under the following circumstances: Death, serious injury, or hospitalization of a relative
  • Birth (where the inmate is the father)

Such messages will be given to the shift supervisor who will verify them through the chaplain prior to delivery.  You may contact the shift supervisor at (804) 537-6400, ext. 3014.  

How can I write to an inmate at the Pamunkey Regional Jail?

All inmate correspondence must be addressed to the inmate as follows:

Inmate Full Name
C/o Pamunkey Regional Jail
P. O. Box 485
Hanover, VA  23069 

Incoming mail is received Monday-Friday (except holidays).  A staff member will deliver incoming mail within 24 hours after receipt.  Inmates are limited to no more than twenty letters and three photos (5x7 or smaller) in their possession at any one time. 

All incoming mail is scanned to ensure that no contraband enters the facility including:

  • Inappropriate photos
  • Cigarettes/lighters/matches
  • Prescription or illegal drugs
  • Cash or personal checks
  • Blank envelopes and/or stamps

How can I set up or add money to an inmate’s telephone account?

Inmates may place telephone calls in one of two ways:

  • By placing a collect call. No account is needed, though restrictions may apply, and the recipient's phone may need to be set up to receive such calls.
  • A prepay account may be set up or recharged to place calls by calling (866) 230-7761, (800) 483-8314 or go to www.connectnetwork.com. In addition, the inmate may recharge their account from their commissary funds.

Is this a private jail?  Are you a division of the Hanover Sheriff’s Office?

No, the jail is a local government facility operated separately from the Sheriff’s Office.   

I am interested in becoming a jail officer.  How and where do I apply?

Applications are accepted only during active hiring periods.  Please note that we no longer accept paper applications.  Please review the Hanover County Jobs website to apply for current vacancies. 

For a listing of all current County vacancies, visit Hanover County’s job site.  


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